smoked medisterpolse recipe

Spiced Danish Sausage - Smoked Medisterpølse Recipe

This recipe is for a Danish style pork sausage. Traditional spices are black pepper, allspice & cloves.


2 Lbs pork butt

0.5 Lb pork belly

½ Cup vegetable stock

½ Cup minced onion

3 Tsp salt

¼ Tsp allspice

¼ Tsp nutmeg

1 Tsp pepper

¼ Tsp ground cloves

¼ Tsp cardamom

Hog casing


Whisk together vegetable stock, onion and spices; place mixture in the fridge

Grind pork butt and belly together finely

Mix spice mixture with ground meat at low speed, with paddle attachment of a stand-up mixer for 3 minutes

Soak hog casing for 30 minutes, drain and then flush with fresh water

Stuff sausage into natural hog casing

Traditionally, medisterpølse is not twisted into links and is usually served as one long coil. However for my uses and to simplify smoking I do twist medisterpølse, but this step is optional. If you are not twisting into links ensure the sausage coil is rotated and spaced out on the smoker rack, as hanging will be difficult

Sterilize a sewing needle or pin in boiling water and prick any air pockets in the sausage

Pat sausage dry with a clean kitchen towel or leave hanging in a cool, dry place for an hour

Smoke with Bradley Alder bisquettes between 140-160°F, until an internal temperature of 160°F is reached

Place in an ice bath immediately after removing from smoker


Alder Bisquettes for Bradley Smokers

Alder is commonly used for smoked salmon because of its milder flavour. However, thanks to its light, sweet, and musky flavour, it's a smooth smoke flavour perfect for almost any dish.

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