Bacon Wrapped Smoked Armadillo Eggs

Bacon Wrapped Smoked Armadillo Eggs

I’ll show you how to make bacon-wrapped smoked armadillo eggs on a Bradley Digital Smoker. This armadillo eggs recipe is super easy and sure to be a hit at your next BBQ get-together. I’ve put the full recipe at the bottom of the description for you!


5 Jalapeños

1 8oz pack of cream cheese (softened)

½ Cup of shredded cheese

1 Lb or ground sausage (I used mild Italian sausage) divided into 5 equal parts.

2 Strips of bacon per armadillo egg

1 Tsp garlic powder

Your favorite BBQ rub (I used Meat Church Honey Hog)

Your favorite BBQ sauce or glaze


Preheat Bradley Smoker to 250°F (121.1°C) and turn on bisquette warmer for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Load 7 wood bisquettes for 2 hours of smoke (7th bisquette will not burn)

Cut tops of jalapeños off and remove seeds and veins using the end of a spoon or jalapeño corer.

The more seeds/veins you leave the spicier it will be.

In a separate bowl combine cream cheese, shredded cheese, garlic powder and about a teaspoon of your favorite BBQ rub. Mix until fully incorporated.

Stuff each jalapeño with cream cheese mixture

Carefully encase each stuffed jalapeño in sausage making sure it is fully wrapped.

Sprinkle each sausage wrapped stuffed jalapeño with your favorite BBQ rub.

Using one strip of bacon, wrap each stuffed armadillo egg spiraling around the length of the egg. With the second strip of bacon, wrap from end to end and secure in place with a Grill Pin or toothpick.

Sprinkle each egg with your favorite BBQ rub and place in the middle rack of your smoker for 1hr 45min or until the bacon is cooked through and to your liking.

Brush each bacon wrapped armadillo egg with your favorite BBQ sauce and cook for an additional 20 minutes or until the sauce has set.

Remove from smoker and allow to cool for 5 minutes before eating.


Recipe by: G-Rod Grills