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Smoked Steelhead Trout Recipe

Recently I got a Bradley Digital Smoker. Since then, I have been smoking anything and everything that I can think of. After coming home from our fishing trip in Oregon, people asked me to smoke the Steelhead that we had caught and brought home. Let me say it turned out amazing. This recipe also works great with Rainbow Trout.



Brine Ingredients:

4 Cups water

⅓ Cup Kosher salt

1 Cup brown sugar

¾ Cup peach schnapps

Other Ingredients:

Mr. Yoshidas Original Gourmet Sweet and Savory Marinade

Ground black pepper


Cut trout into 2-inch wide pieces and brine skin side up for 10-12 hours. Be sure to use a plastic or glass dish.

Wash the fish off, pat dry with a towel and place them on a wire rack in a cool place. Let sit for 2 hours.

Brush fish with Mr. Yoshidas Original Gourmet Sweet and Savory Marinade. Add fresh ground black pepper.

I used Alder Wood and began smoking the fish at 150 degrees for 2 hours, basting every hour with Mr. Yoshidas Marinade. Increase to 160 for 2 hours.

Finish at 170 for 1 to 2 hours, until the internal temperature reaches 130/140 degrees.

Remove from smoker and let sit for 1 hour before vacuum-sealing.

Recipe by: Kristy