Smoked lingcod on a cutting board

Smoked Ling Cod Recipe

Smoking adds a new dimension to the flavor of this mild fish. As it is a delicate fish, choose a mild wood like Alder to smoke it at low temperatures. After that, take it to the oven to broil and get a beautiful colour.


For Brine:

1 Cup salt

2 Cups brown sugar

1 Gallon water

1 Ling cod, filleted, skin-on

Bradley Smoker Alder Bisquettes


Heat brine ingredients in a small saucepan to dissolve salt and sugar.

Allow brine to cool to room temperature.

Brine ling cod for 90 minutes.

Remove from brine and pat dry.

Smoke at the lowest setting with Bradley Smoker Alder Bisquettes for 90 minutes, maintaining a temperature less than 120°F at all times.

Preheat oven to broil setting.

Remove from smoker and transfer to baking dish.

Broil fillets for 5 minutes, and serve immediately.