Pumped Smoked Turkey Recipe

Pumped Smoked Turkey Recipe

We have done this Pumped Smoked Turkey recipe many times. This is how we do it: Make up a concentrated blend and pump the turkey with a pumping needle. I smoke the turkey breast down and always pump the turkey breast from the front under the skin by the neck, and from the back again, entering under the skin and deep into the breast meat. I do the same to the back of the thighs.


One 12 to 16 lb turkey (use only turkeys that have had nothing added to them)

For the Pump:

8 Oz mild wine

4 Oz water

4 Oz butter or margarine

(1⅝ Oz) or 4 and ½ tbs turkey seasoning

2 Tsp meat cure (this is the minimum amount do not short)


Bring all the pump ingredients almost to a boil.

Stir vigorously while filling the pumping needle (the butter wants to float). You may have someone stirring while you suck the pup full.

Pump all the above ingredients into the turkey.

Smoke at a temp. of at least 220ºF (104.4°C) for 6 to 8 hours.

Smoked turkey with the breast facing down.