5 Excellent Bradley's Tips For Better Food Smoking

5 Excellent Bradley's Tips For Better Food Smoking

Posted on: January 12, 2023

For the true pit-master, there is nothing better than slow-smoked meat off the Bradley smoker.

For the true pit-master, there is nothing better than slow-smoked meat off the Bradley smoker. Incredible smoky wood aromas mixed with tender meat is a match made in heaven. We’ve often heard that people are intimidated by the art of smoking. Fear no more! Here are 5 Excellent Bradley’s Tips For Better Food Smoking.

If you own a Bradley smoker, you can easily smoke briskets, ribs, and roasts. Here’s a few of Bradley’s for better food smoking to get you started. Try them out and your taste buds will thank you later!

5 Excellent Bradley’s Tips For Better Food Smoking!

Keep That Smoker Low

There is science behind being a low smoker. Once the outside surfaces reaches 180 degrees or greater, the meat stops taking on smoke. Expert pit-masters start their meat out at 200 degrees and keep it there for the first several hours. Then raise the temperature to 225 or 250 Fahrenheit after that to speed up the smoking process.

No Poking! Use A Thermometer Instead!

The poke method is defined by the attempt at trying to gauge meat’s done-ness by pressing into it with a finger. Not only is this method not sanitary, but it isn’t scientifically accurate. Always use Bradley’s Digital Thermometer because you can destroy beef if you overcook it.

The Bradley Digital Smoker Thermometer is the perfect add-on to any of our Bradley Smokers, and takes the guesswork out of roasting and smoking, getting it perfect every time

Lose the Sausage Fork

Those big two-prong forks look pretty impressive when you’re stabbing and flipping a hefty steak on a grill. However, please use tongs instead because the more you poke holes in the meat, the more juice will come out. Then, your slabs will lose moisture and it’ll result in unwanted dryness.

Let it Rest

You definitely need to rest your meat. We recommend around 20% of your entire cooking time. The resting period allows the juices to redistribute through the meat and also keeps them from gushing onto the platter when you slice into it.

Myth-busting: People think their steak is going to be cold but it won’t be.

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Use Bradley Bisquettes!

Bradley Bisquettes!

Our bisquettes are available in a variety of flavors like hickory, apple, and maple. Just a reminder that different woods create different flavor profiles in your meat. Since you’ll be cooking the meat for a long period of time, don’t be afraid to stock up on our wood smoking bisquettes! We make sure the quality is consistent in every single batch. Bradley Smokers extinguish the bisquettes before they turn to foul-tasting and harmful ash. Generating deliciously clean and taste enhancing smoke for your food.

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Happy Smoking!